Frank Sieren
Specialist for China and Asia with a main focus on economy and politics. Senior columnist for Handelsblatt and Deutsche Welle. Author of numerous best sellers about China and Africa. Frank Sieren has lived in China for more than 20 years and can often be found cruising around on his red motor bike.
Anke Redl
Half German, half English and her family has been living in China for three Generations. Anke has worked for REUTERS, WDR and ZDF. She is the founder and managing director of a media consulting company CMM-I and she represents „German Films“ in China.
Gregor Koppenburg
Alumni of the renowned University for Television and Film Munich and Chongqing Meishi Film Academy. A screenwriter by trade, he has the experience of more than 80 productions in TV, film, commercials and theatre. In Beijing he lives literally only a stone's throw away from the Forbidden City.
Zhang Wei
Born in China, raised in Germany, Zhang Wei speaks both languages perfectly. He studied Chinese Studies at the University of Henan. For seven years he has been working with and unless he is sore, he hits the gym every free minute of his day.
Karsten Hohmann
Spent years in India as a cameraman for German TV. Since the 2008 Olympics he has been based in Beijing and worked for various international production companies as a cameraman. In 2015 he received an Edward-Murrow award for an outstanding documentary segment for the NBC.
Zhang Wei
Experienced mongolian Cameraman, who has made films on all continents. He has worked as a producer and director for Chinese Television and now works as a freelance cameraman. Due to name similarity we call him „TV-Zhang Wei“.