„Asiatalk“ - The New Talk Show from Beijing

In 2009 we created „Asia Talk“, a talk show in co-operation with Deutsche-Welle-TV. Many renowned guests from different fields appeared and talked about their experience with China. Friedrich Malik talked about economic ties, Justus Frantz about classical music and former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder talked about foreign policy.

As these topics have not gone out-of-date to this day, we (in co-operation with Deutsche-Welle-TV) offer a variety of youtube links to the most interesting Asia Talk episodes.

Programmes and Videos:

28 January 2010
Developing Developer. Is China fit to help to lead the world?
Guest: Khalid Malik, Head of the United Nations in China

21 January 2010
The discovery of slowness. On 23 PS from Europe to Asia.
Guest: Richard Hausmann, Siemens top executive and Beetle collector

14 January 2010
Asian Values, what does it mean?
Guest: Chandran Nair, Malaysian entrepreneur and intellectual

7 January 2010
Partners! But how? Dealing in a clever way with the future world power China.
Guest: Dr. Michael Schaefer, German Ambassador to the People's Republic of China

31 December 2009
How do Asians interpret Beethoven? Is music really a universal language?
Guest: Justus Frantz, Conductor and Pianist

28 December 2009
Peking Opera: Is there a hidden beauty?
Guest: Ghaffar Pourazar, Beijing Opera Performer

18 December 2009
The world economic crisis is not over: How top executives and governments should act differently.
Guest: Prof. Fredmund Malik, one of Europe's leading Management Scholar and Consultant

10 December 2009
China Online. The web changed China. Is China now changing the WorldWideWeb?
Guest: Victor Koo, one of the leading Chinese Web Tycoons.

8 December 2009
Disagreeable partners. How patient should we be with authoritarian states?
Guest: Gerhard Schröder, former German Chancellor